Have a Garden Party this spring!

Exfoliators in conjunction with the NGIV are urging all Australians to join in the Garden Party celebrations this spring!

With summer just around the corner, many Victorians will be looking to their gardens to entertain in, play in and relax in- but as you look now it may not be so appealing, this is where your local gardening centre is looking to help!

Garden Centres Victoria wide are looking to hold their own Garden Parties providing attendees with a wealth of information and activities to help get you back into the garden so that you can hold your very own garden party!

While you are there, ask for some Perlite and Vermiculite to mix with your soil and potted plants. Both mediums will aid in even water retention and allow your plants adequate water over the hot summer months. If they dont have any then tell them to come and visit us!

For more information or to find your local Garden Party centre visit:


Thanks for Visiting

Exfoliators (AUST) Pty. Ltd.

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