Vermiculite for Horticultural Use

Vermiculite has been used extensively across many horticultural applications. It will ensure soil aeration and retain water and nutrients to release as the plant requires for healthier and rapid growth. Vermiculite can be used for: hydroponics, seedling germination, soil conditioning, storing bulbs/cuttings, and potting mixes.

Benefits of Vermiculite for Horticulture

Due to Vermiculite’s extensive characteristics, growers will find many advantages in the day-to-day use of this medium. Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite:

  • Is non-toxic, sterile, pH Neutral (7.0)
  • Will not rot or deteriorate as it is an inorganic material 
  • Has an excellent cation exchange rate of 90-125 milligrams equivalents per 100 grams, allowing plants to have increased nutrients
  • Is vermin proof which will prevent the loss of plant nutrients

Premium Vermiculite also promotes much faster root growth. When mixed with other mediums, it encourages fast development in young plants and securing of their root systems. It allows their young rooting systems to attain air, moisture and nutrients much easier than compared to much more dense potting mixes or ground soils. 

The lightness of Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite allows growers to carry and mix the product with ease. When used as a bulking agent, it ensures your mixes go even further with an increased ease of distribution for your mix.

Grades of Horticultural Vermiculite

The choice of Exfoliators horticultural grades of Vermiculite will vary from grower to grower due to individual technique and the particular plant which they choose to grow. Vermiculite also works fantastically in conjunction with other media as a potting mix.

Grade 2 or Grade 3 is often used for seed raising and after top dressing trays, Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite provides excellent water holding capacity. It also offers a stable temperature for the seed to germinate and begin to sprout.

Grade 4 Vermiculite is used extensively in the viticulture industry for propagation and callusing of grape vines.

Contact Exfoliators

For more information, contact one of our specialised staff at (03) 9706 6049 or via email at [email protected] for advice about your plant or shrubs’ characteristics. We’ll also advise on the most suitable Premium Vermiculite for you to use and incorporate in your horticultural purposes.