Exfoliators are the leaders in manufacturing Premium Perlite, Premium Vermiculite and Passive Fire Protection products. These used in a large range of applications such as lightweight plasters or hydroponics. Our brand has dispersed the various misconceptions about ‘What is Perlite’ and ‘What is Vermiculite’ and how efficient it’s usage is.

The Company Exfoliators has been in existence since 1959,  manufacturing Vermiculite, products for horticulture and Passive Fire Protection products. In 1998 it increased it’s manufacturing by introducing Perlite, popular now for it’s use in hydroponics and horticulture, as well as a light weight filler in plasters, concrete and paint.

We have built Exfoliators on close relationships with our customers and on providing the best quality Premium Perlite and Premium Vermiculite available in Australia.

What Is Perlite & Vermiculite?

In the early years of Exfoliators we manufactured Vermiculite for the horticulture market and passive fire protection, but since 1998 we have expanded into many areas of business and distribute our products all over Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Our Products:

Premium Perlite Products

Premium Cryogenic Perlite

Premium Vermiculite Products

Premium Filteraid

Premium Litefill