Industrial Vermiculite

Drilling Muds

Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite is commonly used as A Component in Drilling Muds particularly where there is a need for excess water absorption and also more lubrication of the Drill Head. Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite is very absorbent and likewise whether the bore is wet or dry the vermiculite will provide additional lubrication-slipperyness for the drill head.

Insulation- Refractory Products

Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite is used in The Refractory Insulation Industry as both A Loose Fill Insulation and is also blended within Refractory Fire Bricks-Blocks to form A Lightweight Highly Insulating Brick-Block that is then used when constructing various Kilns and Ovens. It is very common to use Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite as A Loose Fill Insulation between The Outer Steel Shell and The Lightweight Bricks-Blocks to further greatly enhance the heat retention of The Kiln or Oven e.g A Brick Baking Kiln will use this system. In some Kilns or Ovens there is another Heavier Harder More Wear Resistant Internal Layer of Refractory Bricks-Blocks that will also typically contain Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite

Friction Linings

Exfoliators Vermiculite in its un-expanded form is used in the manufacture of some modern friction linings for various automotive and industrial applications. Vermiculite directly replaces other previously used hazardous materials such as asbestos, which use is now outlawed. This use is a very good example of one of the new – modern uses of Vermiculite.

Smelting Industry

Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite in its un-expanded form is used in the smelting industry as both A Slag Coagulant and as An Insulator. When Vermiculite is put on top of a pot of molten metal it will coagulate the slag in such a manner that it will prevent the slag which is the impurities from being poured out of the pot into the molds. Vermiculite is also used on the top of pots of molten metal alloys to insulate the pot and keep the contents molten when only small amounts of the molten metal that is being held in the pot are being poured out at any time.

Silicate and Alumina Bonded Bricks-Shapes

Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite can be used in conjunction with silicate or alumina which is then pressed to form various basic bricks and also more intricate shapes depending on your application. These silicate or alumina bonded bricks-shapes are used extensively as an insulator for various high temperature industrial applications (yet with out exceeding average temperatures of 1100⁰C), in particular relating to the refractory industry. Silicate or Alumina Bonded bricks-shapes made with Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite act as an economical advantage over previous methods of insulation, its insulating characteristics are also comparative to previous insulation methods.


Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite has been used in multiple packing operations from cartage of hazardous goods to packing of delicate items, particularly in the airfreight industry. Due to such a low weight, Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite can reduce overall weights of the total packaging when compared to some other methods of packaging, therefore reducing the overall cost of transport and its environmental impact. When used in loose fill packing, Vermiculite has a low density in bulk form, which then allows it to be poured around irregular shapes and objects. Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite also possesses extremely good liquid retention characteristics, making it perfect for many hazardous chemical transport applications. These applications include; transportation of corrosive or flammable chemicals. When transporting cuttings, bulbs and the like, Vermiculite can be soaked with nutrient so the plant can still attain growth and life even throughout transportation.

Spill Absorbent

Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite works as an excellent spill absorbent. Our Premium Spill Absorbent enjoys widespread industry use as a low cost, light weight absorbent and de-hydrator for cleanup, solidification of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid and sludge wastes. Premium Spill absorbent is extremely lightweight, therefore reducing environmental impacts as well as saving on significant transport costs in waste removal. Exfoliators Premium Spill Absorbent is chemically neutral/not reactive and will not shrink, degrade or over bulk, which are distinct advantages over other spill absorbents.

Spills that have benefited from Exfoliators Premium Spill Absorbent:

  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Alkalis
  • Machine Oil
  • Engine Oil
  • Cutting Oil
  • Emulsified Oils
  • Sludge Mixes
  • Health and Safety
  • Acids- except hydrofluoric
  • Resins
  • Diesel
  • Paints
  • Petrol

Exfoliators Premium Spill Absorbent is a safe product to use, it is pH Neutral and completely sterile. Yet good health and safety practices should still be carried out when mopping up chemical spills. Any waste and clean up material must be disposed of in accordance with local EPA and Government Regulation. Safety glasses, gloves and a dust mask that all meet Australian standards should be used in conjunction with Exfoliators Premium Spill Absorbent to ensure a safe clean up of the spill. The MSDS for this product should also be read prior to use to ensure safe handling.