Perlite Hydroponics Supplies Melbourne

Why use Perlite for Hydroponics?

The fastest growing application for Perlite in the horticultural field is hydroponics or otherwise known as Protected Cropping. Perlite exhibits a unique capillary action in that nutrient rich water can be drawn up from a reservoir through a fine Perlite growing media at the rate that is required by a plant. As a result, plants grown in hydroponic supplies, i.e. Perlite do not suffer from over watering or under watering.

Exfoliators Hydro-Perl Grow Bags

Exfoliators Hydro-Perl Grow Bags are your new hydroponics solution. They are currently being used commercially from the smallest to the biggest hydroponic growers in Melbourne and other areas of Australia. Our bags are also used by the backyard hydroponic hobbyists (who just love the new fruits of their greatly reduced labour!).

Exfoliators Hydro-Perl Grow Bags are being used extensively all over Australia, including Melbourne, and other major cities in the commercial and residential production of fantastic looking: Tomatoes, Strawberries, Blueberries, Eggplant, Capsicums, Cucumbers, Gerberas and Roses. These plants (and their growers) have benefitted from excellent and much higher yields of their fruits and flowers. Gerberas have seen much more full and vibrant flowers and tomato plants have seen greater consistency, colouring and quantities of tomatoes per plant.

Hydro-Perl Bag Benefits

Exfoliators Hydro-Perl Grow Bags offer the user many extended benefits for their crop and in turn themselves. These benefits include:

  • Cost savings (these costs savings come from various areas)
  • Reduced watering costs (dependent on your mix and growing style, Hydro-Perl Grow Bags can reduce watering costs significantly)
  • Initial saturation of bags only requires 10.5L of water compared to 15L in other grow bags-multiply this saving for your grow bag requirements and see the benefits
  • Reduced Landfill Costs (Perlite and Vermiculite can be reused as well as disposed of in your ground soil or also possibly sold as a nutrient rich horticultural product)
  • Grower Specific Mixes (Exfoliators can manufacture your Hydro-Perl Grow Bags to your specific growing styles and requirements- we know this is extremely important to you)
  • Quick Initial Water Uptake
  • Even Water Retention
  • Capillary action water and nutrient delivery
  • Vermin and Rot Proof (these critters wont get to your plants valuable nutrients)

Hydro-Perl Bag Installation Process

Hydro-Perl Grow bags are quick to install with the initial uptake of water. Unlike other mediums that require 15 litres to saturate the bag, Perlite only requires 10.5 litres. When you have a glass house requiring 20,000 bags this is a water saving of up to 90,000 litres. The time each bag takes to saturate is less than 5 minutes, with excess water that drains from the drain hole in the bag coming out Crystal Clear rather than a brown colour caused by tannin from mediums such as Coco Peat. This truly saves money and time which makes Hydro-Perl Grow Bags and hydroponic supplies the choice of many growers.

The water holding capacity along with air porosity is vital in growing your plants successfully. We have tallied specific results from different grades of Exfoliators Premium Perlite to ensure that you can choose the correct grade of Perlite for your hydroponic growing.

Exfoliators Premium Hydro-Perl Grow bags and hydroponic supplies can be manufactured to suit your needs and plant requirements, we can produced grow bags in various grades and mixes (Perlite and Vermiculite as 50/50 mix). These mixes as outlined in the table often compliment each other when certain properties need to be gained for your growth cycle.

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