Agricultural Vermiculite

Animal Feed

Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite acts as a fantastic carrier for animal nutrients/feed concentrates and pharmaceutical products. Grade 1 Premium Vermiculite is used in this process and is completely harmless to the animal as it is easily digested due to its small size as well as the fact that Vermiculite is anticaking, so it will not clump through digestive systems. The product is also completely sterile, inert and pH Neutral, which also aids being an effective and cost efficient carrier for an animals health requirements.


Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite also acts as a fantastic carrier for pesticides and herbicides. By soaking Premium Vermiculite in the liquids of choice, the Vermiculite will retain the liquid safely. To disperse the liquid, spread the Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite that has been soaked with your pesticide/herbicide of choice over the desired areas. The shrub or troubled area will then work to extract the pesticide/herbicide itself, which then they will act to kill the un-desired shrub. When in storage, the pesticide/herbicide will not leak from Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite, making for safe storage of these potentially harmful goods. To achieve safe storage of these liquids the correct ratios need to be used to ensure efficient soaking and minimal excess liquids.

Soil Conditioner

As a soil conditioner Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite works extremely well to enhance your crops growth. It allows the soils to gain much needed oxygen to allow the plant or crop to mature, it will also make for an extremely healthy root system due to the decreased density with Premium Vermiculite compared to that of many dried out, compacted and dense soil. Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite also aids in retaining moisture and nutrients and feeding to the crops as they require, this will make for much more rapid, consistent and healthier crop growth. The fact that our Premium Vermiculite is so lightweight makes it fantastically easy to use. The reduced load and strain of lifting heavy soil additives, makes for much more enjoyable farming.