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Exfoliators are the leading manufacturer of Premium Vermiculite Australia and currently source from two major areas: Southern Africa and Northern Australia. It is an extremely unique product that is Sterile and pH Neutral, which allows its use in many applications including Vermiculite insulation & Vermiculite Horticulture. Its unique properties include the following special characteristics; Lightweight, Thermally Stable, High Water holding capacity, non-reactive and odourless.

Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite Australia is manufactured to 6 different grades. These grades can vary for your specific needs. Our highly experienced sales team can direct you to the recommended grade for each individual use of Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite. The most popular have been Vermiculite insulation, Vermiculite in Horticulture & in Passive Fire Protection Products. We manufacture a diverse range of Vermiculite grades to suit any project, including:

Our Vermiculite Grades


The finest grade, Micron Vermiculite is a lightweight form of Vermiculite that can be used across many industries, but is commonly used for packing material for storing and shipping items, along with being an absorbent material for industrial spills.

Grade 1

A refined grade, Grade 1 Vermiculite is often used in agriculture, as it is a great carrier of nutrients and can be easily digested by animals. This fine grade can also be used in horticulture and gardening activities.

Grade 2

The next grade level of our Premium Vermiculite is Grade 2, which is extremely absorbent and often used as packing material for hazardous liquids. A common use of this Premium Vermiculite grade from Exfoliators is in horticulture, as it effectively holds water and regulates temperature in soil.

Grade 3- Sieved

A very common grade of Vermiculite in the horticulture and gardening industry, Grade 3 Premium Vermiculite is often used for seed raising. This grade of Vermiculite is commonly found in potting mixes, as it has great water retention qualities.

Grade 3- Unsieved

Similar to our sieved variety, our Premium Unsieved Grade 3 Vermiculite has more of a coarse texture. This grade is still commonly found in horticulture to promote the growth of seedlings and sprouts.

Grade 4

Our coarsest grade, Grade 4 Vermiculite is extremely versatile. Our Premium Grade 4 Vermiculite can be used in a variety of industries including shipping, horticulture, viticulture and construction.


What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite has been used in various industries for over 100 years and its occurrence as a natural mineral (hydrated phlogopite mica) dates back as far as 3.0 billion years old and it is one of the worlds’ most unique minerals. Some of the largest commercial mines in the world who are exclusive Vermiculite suppliers, are located in Southern Africa, Australia, China, Brazil and USA. Once the ore is mined and graded it is then subjected to a furnacing process which is also known as exfoliation. Exfoliation is a process where the ore is heated to approximately 800⁰C, at this point, water particles in the ore are boiled off and evaporated which then causes rapid expansion to form concertina Vermiculite particles.

Vermiculite is used for many expected and also many unexpected applications world wide. Exfoliators, suppliers of Premium Vermiculite have found their product is used in five main industries yet its use has seen rapid growth in many innovative applications.

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