Construction Vermiculite

Do you need vermiculite for your insulating, concrete slab, or pizza oven project? Normal concrete is expensive and heavy, whilst other materials have low fire resistance. 

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Our Vermiculite Can Be Used To Manufacture Different Construction Products Including:

Lightweight Insulating Concrete

Combining Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite with concrete creates a lightweight form of insulating concrete. This mix provides many advantages to your finished product such as thermal insulation, highly reduced weight, fire resistance and further spread of your concrete. Ideal for poured and prefabricated tilt slabs or even pizza ovens, we guarantee that our lightweight concrete is a durable and high quality solution over Ordinary Portland Cement. Get the advantage over your competitors, enquire about our lightweight insulating concrete today!

Benefits & Properties of Lightweight Insulating Concrete

  • Highly reduced weight: The lightweight properties of vermiculite concrete reduces truck load weight, resulting in lower operating expenses*. This property also extends your machinery’s life without jeopardising load ratings.
  • Thermally insulating: The insulating properties of Vermiculite leads to reduced running costs of residential and industrial cooling/heating systems. Additionally, it offers superior insulation for kilns, furnaces and pizza ovens.
  • Fire resistance:Vermiculite retains moisture very well. In the event of a fire, the moisture turns to steam. This creates a fire-resistance unlike other materials and therefore improves your buildings fire rating (an Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Rating system applies).
  • Low density: Mixing concrete with vermiculite results in a further spread than concrete alone, which in turn will reduce your concrete expense. This lowered density is perfect for insulation as it is not as heavy, reducing transport costs and faster installation.
  • Enhanced acoustics: Expanded vermiculite leads to better acoustics by minimising sound transfer through increasing the density of concrete. This leads to better room acoustics and less noise interference across rooms. This is perfect for apartment buildings, work offices or residential housing.

*This is dependent on individual formulas.

Loose-Fill Insulation

Vermiculite has been gathering momentum in the residential construction market due to its ability to maintain temperature, enhance acoustics and quick installation process. Our Premium Vermiculite Insulation performs the same, if not better, than our competitors.

Benefits & Properties of Loose Fill Insulation

  • Maintained temperature: Buildings with besa-blocks or double brick homes can pour vermiculite into the gaps.  This keeps the house at a stable temperature throughout the winter and summer months. With better temperature stability heating and cooling expenses for the homeowner is reduced, or in some cases they may not need cooling or heating all together!
  • Better acoustics: Loose-Fill insulation leads to better acoustics by minimising sound transfer through increasing the density of walls. This leads to better room acoustics and less noise interference across rooms.
  • Quick installation: Simply pour between the truss of the roof or walls and installation is complete. Installation is non-conductive with electrical equipment, fire retardant, vermin proof and rot proof.

Industrial based loose-fill information in relation to kilns and other furnace applications can be found on our industrial applications for premium vermiculite page.

Safe Building practices and compliance to various building codes must be used at all times when using our product.

Pressed Vermiculite Construction Board

Our pressed vermiculite construction board is gaining significant momentum in the construction industry. It has the same characteristics of silicate due to the method of manufacturing but offers better fire protection and insulation at lower costs.

Benefits & Properties of our Pressed Vermiculite Construction Board

  • Fire protection and insulation: Unlike polystyrene boards that burn and fuel the fire in residential construction, pressed vermiculite construction boards have strong fire resistance. Our construction boards protect structural steelwork and ducting within buildings as well as other applications such as tunnel infrastructure. The increased safety leads to peace of mind and assurance of the homeowner.
  • Lower costs: The structure of the pressed vermiculite construction boards block heating or cooling from passing through the material making better house insulation. Without the loss of temperature through the walls, there is less need for air conditioning. This keeps the homeowner more satisfied in the long term due to less electricity costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a natural mineral (hydrated phlogopite mica) dating back 3 billion years. It is mined and graded, then heated to 800⁰C. This heating process boils off water particles from the ore, which then causes it to rapidly expand to form compressed vermiculite particles. This process is called exfoliation. Find out more on our Premium Vermiculite page.

What are the construction uses of vermiculite?

Vermiculite has many uses. It makes lightweight insulating concrete, loose-fill insulation and construction board. Our premium vermiculite will advance your construction projects whether that be concrete, insulation or walls through pressed board. This will enhance your fire-safety, acoustics and thermal insulation.

What type of construction is Premium Vermiculite for?

Whether it’s Residential Construction, Industrial Construction or Industrial Plant and Equipment, premium vermiculite is not limited to any construction application. We can supply products for your niche to the market!