Construction Vermiculite

Lightweight Insulating Concrete

When Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite is used as a lightweight additive to a concreting mix, it provides many beneficial advantages to your finished product. Vermiculites extremely unique properties ensures that your insulating concrete products (whether it be a poured slab or pre-fabricated tilt slab and even pizza ovens), are lightweight & of the highest quality and give you a desirable niche over your competitors. These properties include:

  • Highly reduced weight (which in turn will reduce operating expenses and improve your machinery’s life) yet dependent on individual formulas, load ratings are not jeopordised.
  • Thermally insulating (reduced running costs of residential and industrial cooling/heating systems, as well as the insulation of kilns, furnaces and pizza ovens)
  • Fire resistant (this will improve your buildings fire rating, an ACBC Rating system applies)
  • Low density (will spread your concrete further, which in turn will reduce your concrete expense)
  • Enhanced acoustics (Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite acts as a fantastic material for sound absorption, allowing for decreased sound transmission)

Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite is not limited to any construction application, whether it be for Residential Construction, Industrial Construction or Industrial Plant and Equipment, your niche to the market can be supplied by us.

Loose Fill Insulation

Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite has been gathering momentum in recent time, particularly in the residential construction market. As loose fill insulation, Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite can be used in multiple areas of housing construction.

When building with besa-blocks or a double brick home, Vermiculite can be poured into gaps or crevices to fill the void that is normally left. This in turn keeps the house at a stable temperature throughout winter and summer months. With increased temperature stability, the extensive use of cooling or heating that is generally required may no longer be needed.

Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite can also be used as loose fill insulation in the ceiling space of your roof. By filling the areas between the beams of your roof our Premium Vermiculite performs just as well if not better than our competitors. Once again, Vermiculite insulation keeps the house thermally stable for longer, the acoustic benefits derived from our product are even more beneficial for the home owner to enjoy their newly built home. Installation of our product is much less time consuming than other regular insulating materials, it is simply poured in between the truss of the roof and installation is complete. Installation is further enhanced as Vermiculite in non-conductive with electrical equipment, is fire retardant, vermin proof and rot proof due to its inorganic formation.

Industrial based loose fill information in relation to kilns and other furnace application, can be found in our industrial applications area for Premium Vermiculite.

Safe Building practices and compliance to various building codes must be used at all time when using our product.

Construction Board

Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite is gaining significant momentum in the construction industry as a pressed Vermiculite Construction Board. Its’ characteristics are identical to that of silicate bonded shapes due to the similar formula and method of manufacturing.

Exfoliators Premium Vermiculite can be used for the manufacture of construction board particularly in passive fire protection and insulation for industrial construction applications. In recent times fire rated construction boards have been used to protect structural steel work and ducting within buildings as well as other applications such as tunnel infrastructure.

Pressed Vermiculite Construction Board can be used as an alternate to products such as polystyrene boards, to be used as residential housing insulation and as a platform for a housing finish such as render. Better housing insulation leads to lower running costs, such as heating and cooling which then keeps the home owner more satisfied in the long term. Its significance is highlighted by it’s increased fire rating compared to other products (such as polystyrene boards), which would not only burn but fuel the fire in a residential construction. This increased safety leads to increased satisfaction of the home owner with the construction of their new home.