Cryogenic Insulation

Exfoliators currently manufactures Premium Perlite for two specific cryogenic insulation industry sectors, they are Evacuated and Non-Evacuated Cryogenics. Premium Cryogenic Perlite is used in cryogenic insulation specifically for Shipping Containers, Transport Containers, Cold Boxes, on site storage tanks, Shipping Vessels and Cold Store Facilities. Premium Cryogenic Perlite has very low levels of thermal conductivity and is non combustible, therefore reducing the possibility of fire that is often a concern of the cold storage industry of flammable liquids and gas. Cryogenic Perlite should never be stored in paper bags and is easily handled in moisture proof 100L or 1.2m3 bulk bags.


For cryogenic applications of -100⁰C and below, usually they are a doubled wall storage system as spherical shape or on vessels. Usually these storage applications will handle Oxygen, Nitrogen and LNG. The thermal conductivity of Evacuated Perlite is much lower than Non-Evacuated Perlite and the density ranges from 125-150kg/m3. Our Premium Cryogenic Perlite for Evacuated storage is dry and meets the moisture limit of 0.1% by weight, this is enhanced by our stringent quality and packing systems. To maintain continual dry products, weather and moisture proofing options are available to ensure product integrity. Once again paper bags should never be used for packing and storage of Cryogenic Perlite.


Cryogenic applications with storage temperatures of -100⁰C and above are considered low temperature or Non-Evacuated Cryogenic storage applications. Exfoliators Premium Cryogenic Perlite exhibits low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation. The density of Premium Cryogenic Perlite ranges from 50-100kg/m3 and are generally for double walled application where the annulus is filled with Exfoliators Premium Cryogenic Perlite. For smaller applications Premium Cryogenic Perlite can be poured or blown into the cavity for supreme insulation benefits. Packaging for Non-Evacuated Premium Cryogenic Perlite needs to be in moisture proof bags and not in Paper Packaging. Non-Evacuated and Evacuated Premium Cryogenic Perlite that is manufactured by Exfoliators is always manufactured and packaged under stringent quality control processes and packaging is always in moisture proof bags.