Exfoliators Pty. Ltd. has developed significantly over time. The original owners, the Evans Family, developed the company in the early 1970’s with the original factory located at the corner of Princess Street and Beach Road Port Melbourne (opposite the London hotel). Their main markets were the Horticulture Industry and Passive Fire Protection Industry, where Vermiculite was the main input to both of these industries.

The business was sold in 1996 to Graeme Raper and is now continuing the original family values since its original inception. By the time Graeme acquired the company, Exfoliators Pty. Ltd. had moved from its location in Port Melbourne to its previous location in Somerville (near the Western Port of Victoria). Premium Perlite was not introduced to the company until 1999, at this point Graeme had already given the company a massive boost in profits and was soon to shake up the Perlite industry around Australia.

The company moved to its current location in Kitchen Road Dandenong in 2005. The move proved to be extremely large with many different components of the manufacturing facility having to be considered throughout the move. Now the company has been established at Kitchen Road for many years now, the expansion and markets continually grow, yet the family values are still holding strong with the next generation beginning to filter through the company. Exfoliators (AUST) Pty. Ltd. continues to strive for supplying consistently market leading product with the vision to supply its customers no matter the time constraints.